20 October 2013

2-5 p.m.

Race Your Pumpkin Down Sycamore Hill!

On Oct 20th at 2:00 pm the 2nd annual Great Pumpkin Race will see if a new champion pumpkin racer will rise in the City of Niles. The Great Pumpkin Race will begin its first heat with the pumpkins lined up and taking off down the notorious Sycamore Street Hill with one goal in mind-to win it all!  Be part of the action at the Niles Pumpkin race!

What is a pumpkin race?  It is a simple concept really-take a pumpkin, decorate it and insert 2 independent axles through the pumpkin and attach wheels.  Put on a costume to match your pumpkin, display your pumpkin in the pumpkin pit, and keep your eye open for the cheater pumpkins. Most of all have fun!

Catch live tweets from pumpkin race by clicking on news page or going to Tweets by @nilespumpknrace

Our first pumpkin race was a success last year-over 100 people attended; the pumpkins rolled; the food was good; the sun shone.  And the committee learned a lot.  No really, we learned a lot of things to help this years race roll far beyond the fun of last years race.  In the coming weeks I will be posting pictures of what we will accept as an acceptable pumpkin so that there is less confusion.  We have reorganized our price structure to make it more affordable for families.  If you attended last years race you will have noticed a bigger pumpkin is not necessarily a faster pumpkin.  We will be placing board curbs along the race course so that if the pumpkin heads to the side it should bounce off and continue to the finish line.  If you attended the race last year and have any criticisms, comments, or ideas to make the race run better please email me at bettyjarndt@nilespumpkinrace.com  Last, but not least, all money raised helps fund Optimist Scholarships for local schools and a score of other programs that help kids.


October 20th

Sycamore & 4th Street Niles, MI

pumpkin Race Facts

Event: Niles Great Pumpkin Race  brought to you by The Niles Noon Optimists

Date:  Sunday, October 20th at 2:00 PM

Location:  The “Old Bell Building”  on Sycamore and 4th street, downtown Niles. 

Time: Registration, Pumpkin Build and testing– 10 am until 1:30 pm.

Race begins at 2 PM

Website: www.nilespumpkinrace.com

Contact: bettyjarndt@nilespumpkinrace.com

Visit www.pumpkinrace.com to see video from the pumpkin race that started it all. 

   Two ways to play!

Classic:   Decide to go the easier softer way!  Pick up a kit with axles, wheels and a pumpkin at the Bell Building-Sycamore and 4th Street  and have everything you need to build a pumpkin racer!

Cost: 1st Kit  $20 return wheels and axles and receive $10 back.

Family:  1st Kit $20 return wheels and axles and receive $10 back, each additional kit $10 and receive  $5 back if return wheels and axles.

All classic kits include entry fee!

Want your kit delivered? Call Tom  at

AAA  Phone: 269-687-6274

Free Style:  You prefer to go your own way and design the ultimate pumpkin racer. You use your own supplies to create your racer. Let your creative style go wild-just follow a few simple rules (listed as Pumpkin Race Rules) or risk the Mallet of destruction!  Cost  $ 10  includes entry free